Shishir Gaurav photography is a group of wedding photographers and videographer based out in Bengaluru. We believe that a wedding is undoubtedly the most important day in a person's life and we make sure to live up to our client's expectations. We capture and create memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. We dance along, smile and have much more than just a few pictures. Our clients like us because we know what exactly they are going through and trust us because we let them choose what they like.

The best thing about us is that we belong to different parts of the country, which has always helped us to capture all kinds of weddings. Most importantly, we love what we do!




IT professional turned wedding photographer,  photography for him was just a hobby which turned into a passion and later, a profession. He leads the team and ensures that he is able to live up to the client expectations. He makes sure that he is present in all the weddings so that we are able to deliver good quality, on time.



Cinematic Video Lead

Aditya leads the cinematic video team and loves to capture in the most distinctive way possible. He makes sure that our wedding films are carefully crafted to blend traditional with modern, combining stunning visuals with creative story telling through his editing skills.



Creative Director

Also known as 'stress buster' of the team, Shanth Kumar keeps coming up with innovative ideas. He is the most experienced person in our team and can go from cracking a joke to delving deep into a conversation in less than 60 seconds. He adds a special flavour to his cinematic videography which makes it completely unique.Shanth Kumar is the most experienced person in our team. He is the real reason behind our really cool slow motion shots which made you gasp! 



Candid Photographer

Vikram is the youngest lad of the candid photography team. He makes sure to capture your special moments in the most discreet way possible. Vikram is famous for having the ability to mingle well with people. 



Relationship Manager

IT professional turned content writer and relationship manager,  Shikha likes to meet new people and understand their likes and dislikes.  Content writing comes naturally to her when she sees a picture, it tells her a story of the moment captured and she tries to explain it in her own words.




Pratheek captures both traditional photos and candid photos, with ease. He is very cheerful and likes to smile and make others smile.He is an allrounder and makes sure everyone feels comfortable around him. He makes the team's life easier by making the surroundings light and cheerful.

D85_8521 copy.jpg


Lighting Specialist

Fondly called as 'Rakesh Bhai' by everyone, he makes sure everyone around him is happy, in spite of the busy schedule. He ensures all the things like lights are in place, before the start of any shoot. This ensures that others can capture well, which is definitely the most important work.

govind 3.jpg


Traditional Videographer

In a world of short candid videos and edited candid photos, Govind captures complete traditional video. He makes sure each and every ritual is captured, in the best way possible. He stays and captures in from the start till the end of the event, which makes it the most difficult job, in our team.